karate for kids

As parents we all want the best for our children. We know that our karate programs help keep children safer through self-defence training. Our students become physically and mentally stronger.


Our programs challenge children through exciting and fun classes - and through the discipline and focus we teach them - to conquer these internal negative forces and go beyond what they (and you as parents) thought possible. These skills they learn and develop at our dojo then become pervasive in all areas of a student’s life.

That is why Traditional karate is often differentiated from other sports and referred to as

“A way of life”

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COMMON questionS about karate for kids

Does karate encourage children to be more violent?

We know through our experience that exposing children to a well structured karate program that emphasizes discipline, etiquette, and self-control, actually counteracts and harnesses aggressive urges in children.

Through our special karate programs for children, students learn positive social behaviours such as respect for others, empathy, and restraint in the use of force to achieve desired ends.

Through consistent exposure to our karate programs children come to learn that louder or stronger does not make right, that force is a last resort, and that one who has karate training has a special obligation to exert self-control.

Finally, we teach children self-defence and fighting skills which paradoxically gives them the confidence not to fight. This leads to less aggressive behaviour and to greater feelings of self-worth.

How do our karate programs help children to achieve improved discipline, focus, and self confidence; leading to greater academic achievement, a greater sense of self worth, and ultimately the courage to be successful in the things they choose to do?

The most significant threat to our children does not come from the neighbourhood bully (although we have been successful in guiding children when bullied), but from our children’s own internal fears and self-doubts.

parent testimonials


"My three children have trained at Kangaroo Point dojo for 2 years...

I have found the prices to be very affordable. The guided self discipline that karate has taught them has been displayed both at home and at school.

Their grades have improved and focus in class is a credit to Sensei Scott read's instruction. I have found the club to be very nurturing and supporting for my kids".

"I only wish I had started them earlier. I highly recommended this club to anyone looking to
begin Karate"