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Goju Karate Australia offers Karate Training for adults and children. All of our classes are conducted in a safe and supportive environment by fully qualified professional instructors. All Goju Karate Australia instructors are Japanese graded. We hope you find our website informative and helpful. We believe we offer the best martial arts instruction, life skills program, and training experience in a structured Karate class.

Men, women and teens enrol in our adult program. Classes for adults are available from 6pm Monday through Thursday.

You can expect to improve in the following areas:

Physical Strength -Through traditional karate training your body will become more toned, flexible and stronger. Your reflexes and stamina will improve.

Mental Strength - Confidence and attitude is a vital key in self-defence as well as everyday life. Training at Goju Karate Australia will help you achieve greater self-confidence, so improving your overall attitude, while helping you to be calmer and more assertive.

Health - Attending classes as little as twice a week will improve your cardio-vascular conditioning, give you more energy, so helping you to be more effective throughout your day. Your ability to fight off illness will improve and you will sleep better at night.

Self-defence - Self-defence can be seen as two distinct skills; the physical and the emotional/mental. Physically you will become stronger and learn to use your body efficiently to deliver incredibly powerful strikes. Emotionally/mentally you will recognize the danger signs to avoid conflict or dangerous situations, while having the confidence of knowing that you have the tools to defend yourself or a loved one if need be.





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our philosophy

Without philosophy, Martial Arts would be little more than street fighting. At Goju Karate Australia we teach and emphasise a series of basic life skills that challenge our students throughout not only their Martial Arts training, but also their everyday lives. Junior students are taught to be respectful and polite toward their parents, siblings, teachers, elders and to those less fortunate than themselves. They are also taught the importance of education, and doing their best in school. Our teenage and young adult students are taught to set achievable goals and that hard work does have its rewards. Through Karate, they become more confident and develop an attitude of self-reliance. This increase in confidence enables them to better cope with issues of peer pressure to be leaders rather than followers and helps them make correct choices


Training for Children

Our karate programs help children to achieve improved discipline, focus and self confidence. These are cross platform attributes which may lead to greater academic achievement, a greater sense of self worth and ultimately the courage to be successful in the things they choose to do.

For this reason, traditional karate is often referred to as “A way of life”

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Men and women of all ages and from a variety of backgrounds, in addition to teens enrol in our adult program. Classes for adults are available from 6pm Monday through Thursday.

Through our special karate programs for children, students learn positive social behaviours such as respect for others, empathy, and restraint in the use of force to achieve desired ends. Through consistent exposure to our karate programs children come to learn that louder or stronger does not make right, that force is a last resort, and that one who has karate training has a special obligation to exert self-control..

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